After the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University became the latest colleges to move classes online because of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump urged schools to continue with in-person learning. (Aug. 19)

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Jasmine Justice hit her breaking point during the last week of September.

Overwhelmed at the juggling act of three full-time gigs — as a community college student, an employee and a mom — Justice crumbled. She ignored reminder emails from her instructors to send in her assignments. “I wasn’t comprehending what I was reading. I was looking at diagrams that made no sense.” On Zoom work meetings, she noted her pale complexion and dark under-eye circles. Her appetite disappeared. She snapped at her 17-year-old daughter, Josiah, a high school senior also cooped up inside their small apartment. 

“Being a community college student, it’s a balancing act,” says Justice, 39, a student at Pierce