Let’s support small businesses who answered Marcus Rashford’s call to feed our kids

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THE army of cafés, pubs and restaurants inspired by Marcus Rashford to feed poor kids for free at half term is a proud and heartwarming moment for Britain.

The generosity of hundreds of businesses, many fighting for their own ­survival, has been as admirable and overwhelming as the star’s own community spirit and dogged perseverance.

Fiona Crump, owner of the Castle Beach Cafe in Falmouth, will be making free lunch bags during half term for any child who will normally get a free school meal


Fiona Crump, owner of the Castle Beach Cafe in Falmouth, will be making free lunch bags during half term for any child who will normally get a free school mealCredit: Cameron Smith 2020

Well done to them all, as well as big businesses like McDonald’s which have also joined the campaign.

Some say the Government should fund free meals from our taxes, or by adding them to the Covid bill later generations will have to pay. Others disagree. But the issue is more complex than many make out. It should not

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Adventure RV helps Casper kid’s Make-a-Wish dream come true | Local News

CHEYENNE – Five-year-old Brooklynn Crane loves nothing more than being outside, camping with her grandma and grandpa, and roasting marshmallows around the fire. Her parents always had a hard time getting her back into the house, since she was too busy playing in the pool and the sandbox and jumping on the trampoline.

But when she was just 4 years old, Brooklynn began developing symptoms that kept her from playing catch and doing all the normal things a 4-year-old does. After seeing a number of doctors, searching for answers, Brooklynn received a cancer diagnosis in July of last year.

Living in Casper, the Cranes began making adjustments for Brooklynn’s treatment in Denver, trying to find glimmers of hope in the help of others. The family found support in a number of agencies that helped with housing near Denver and medical bills, according to her dad, Dustin.

And on the second

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20 medical experts with kids talk about Halloween plans.

Anchiy | E+ | Getty Images

Parents everywhere are grappling with how to make the most of Halloween during the pandemic.

The guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asks families to take precautions if they trick-or-treat outdoors by carrying hand sanitizer, setting up stations with individually bagged treats, and wearing cloth masks, not just Halloween masks. But some communities are going further by requesting that parents refrain from door-to-door trick-or-treating altogether, because of the challenges maintaining social distancing at front doors and the risks involved with sharing food.

So for many families, the challenge this year is to find activities that are both fun and safe. For inspiration, we asked 20 doctors, public health officials and epidemiologists with children of their own what they’re planning to do to mark the occasion.

We got a wide range of responses, depending on personal risk tolerance, the age of

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Should kids go trick-or-treating? Here’s how to make Halloween less scary

Halloween isn’t really supposed to be scary, but COVID-19 has made trick-or-treating frightening for many parents.

There are safe ways to celebrate, but health experts say people need to accept that some traditions need to be adapted to the world today.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a complete list of recommendations for the Halloween season, ranking activities as low, moderate or high risk.

For example, modifying trick-or-treating to let kids grab individually wrapped goodie bags while they stay at least six feet away from other people, was described as moderate risk. Traditional trick-or-treating was placed in the high-risk category.

Although the face-to-face interaction children have when they knock on doors is brief, the risk of transmitting a virus increases as more houses are visited, experts say. And if you’re trick-or-treating with large groups of children, the risk of transmission is even higher.

“If you’re doing something that

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We’re All Waiting For A COVID-19 Vaccine. For Kids, The Wait May Be Much Longer.

COVID-19 cases are surging again in the United States as experts warn of a “third peak” that could be particularly devastating while much of the country rides out the winter indoors.

Even if case counts begin to fall, there’s no real chance of life getting back to anything close to normal until a COVID-19 vaccine is available. And until a vaccine is available for kids, there’s little chance of families settling back into functioning routines.

Unfortunately, experts seem to agree that it’s unlikely a vaccine for COVID-19 in children will be available as soon as one (or several) is available for adults. Some are predicting we will not get a vaccine for kids until next fall.

That’s not an easy prediction to hear as a parent. But grappling with that extended timeline — however theoretical it may be — can influence the decisions parents are making right now as they

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Ban on junk food adverts before 9pm watershed will slash number of overweight kids by 120,000, says study

BANNING junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed would slash the number of overweight kids by 120,000, a study suggests.

Researchers estimate the move would also cut childhood obesity by 40,000 and save the UK £7.4billion in lost productivity.

A study suggests banning junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed would slash the number of overweight kids by 120,000


A study suggests banning junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed would slash the number of overweight kids by 120,000Credit: Alamy

The country’s 3.7million children would see 1.5 fewer commercials each day for food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt.

This is likely to reduce daily intake by just 9.1 calories – equal to around two Smarties – the study claims.

But it totals almost 40,000 calories from the age of five to 17.

If firms move their adverts to after the watershed, rather than remove them completely, the benefits would fall by two-thirds.

One in three children in England leave primary school too fat, increasing their

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A40 Oxford crash – Heartbreaking tributes to mummy blogger and her three kids killed in accident with HGV

HEARTBREAKING tributes have been paid to a mummy blogger and her three young children killed in a horror crash with a HGV.

Zoe Powell, 29, died alongside her two daughters, Phoebe, eight, and Amelia, four, and their six-year-old brother Simeon on the A40 near Oxford.

Zoe Powell with husband Josh and daughters Phoebe, Amelia and son Simeon


Zoe Powell with husband Josh and daughters Phoebe, Amelia and son SimeonCredit: Hyde News & Pictures Ltd

Her husband Josh, 30, and their 18-month-old baby girl are fighting for their lives in hospital.

Friends have today paid tribute to the “lovely family” who had suffered a series of “tragedies” including a house fire.

Thames Valley Police said tragedy struck when the family’s silver Subaru people carrier and a lorry collided near a railway overbridge last night.

The driver of the HGV, a 56-year-old man, suffered minor injuries.


A witness to the carnage said the family’s people carrier was left “crumpled like a

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PE teachers stretch their imaginations to get kids active during online learning


Jay DeVries locates an open section of garage at his mother’s home in Poulsbo as wife Karla chats with seventh- and eighth-grade students via Zoom on a pair of laptops resting on a workbench. 

With pet bulldog Chloe keeping a watchful eye, the two Poulsbo Middle School physical education teachers want to make sure everyone is prepared to do a little sweating.

“OK, are you guys ready to rock?” Karla asks.

Two classes, one game of gym class B-I-N-G-O, 18 minutes of activity where students perform different exercises assigned to various letter/number combinations. Karla recommends that students use household items if they don’t have weights to use.

“Run in the kitchen and grab a couple soup cans if you need to,” Karla says.

Having undergone two hip-replacement surgeries in the past year, Jay jokes that Karla has the easier job — pulling B-I-N-G-O balls from a kitchen strainer —

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How are kids handling the new, pandemic school year?

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Both Prairie St. John’s and The Village Family Service Center say the school year is usually a busy time for mental health concerns, so while they can’t say COVID-19 is the reason their clinics are busier, it’s also not helping children’s mental health.

“It’s not knowing if they could get the phone call tomorrow saying school’s going to be online for two weeks. So, everyone’s kind of a little more on edge at the beginning of this school year compared to the previous school years we’ve seen,” The Village Licensed Professional Counselor, Kelsi McClaflin said.

“I’ve seen a lot of our kids who tend to do well in school struggle with the online learning,” Prairie St. John’s Child and Adolescent Therapist, Nicholas Lindberg said.

Lindberg says while online learning does cause anxiety in many of his patients, he says it’s the lack of social

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Ways You Can Make The Day Special For Your Kids


  • National Child Health Day was first observed in 1928
  • The day raises awareness about how children’s health can be protected and developed
  • The day does not have the status of a public holiday

Since May 18, 1928, the country has observed the National Child Health Day on the first Monday of October. The day highlights the care and guidance that children should receive from adults to uphold their health and overall well-being.

National Child Health Day was first observed in 1928 after President Calvin Coolidge issued a proclamation. Initially, the day was celebrated on May 1 but in 1960, it was changed to the first Monday in October. Ever since it is being observed on this day to raise awareness about how children’s health can be protected and developed in the right way.

Instead of being a national observance, the day still does not have the status of

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