The Apple Watch Series 6 is already discounted at Amazon

Buy Series 6 (44mm gold) at Amazon – $415 Buy Series 6 (44mm silver) at Amazon – $415

Buy Watch SE (GPS + Cellular 40mm) at Amazon – $320

There are two things to keep in mind with these discounts. First, not every model is on sale, so make sure to check the pricing of the specific one you want before adding it to your cart. Second, many Series 6 and SE models will take a couple of weeks to ship due to high demand. However, you can place your order now to lock in the lower price and simply wait a while to get your new smartwatch.

We have yet to fully review the $399 Apple Watch Series 6 and the $279 Apple Watch SE, but both made good first impressions. The former is Apple’s new top-of-the-line wearable, featuring all of the perks that the Series 5 had in

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Apple WatchOS 7 Preview

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Apple rolled out a new version of its smartwatch operating system this week, timed to the release of two new Apple Watches.

WatchOS 7 will come installed on the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The new operating system is also compatible with Apple Watches dating back to the Series 3, which the company continues to sell as a budget-friendly option, though not all features will work on the older models. 

The new watches officially go on sale Friday. Apple also is rolling out new iPads, an online fitness subscription, and options to bundle existing services, such as Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, into a single monthly plan.

In addition to a new look that includes a handful of fresh watch faces designed with fun and productivity in mind, watchOS 7 includes new sleep- and fitness-tracking

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Apple Fitness+ doesn’t terrify the founder of this Peloton rival — here’s why

If two of the hottest names in at-home fitness are worried about Apple Fitness+, they sure aren’t showing the public. That says a lot about the total addressable market for at-home fitness in the post COVID-19 pandemic world — leaving the door open for many players to compete effectively.

Earlier this week, Apple took the wraps off its first fitness experiences designed for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Launching later this year, Apple Fitness+ will offer studio-style workouts that focus on popular training methods such as cycling, treadmill running, rowing, high intensity internal, yoga, dance, and core.

“We do welcome Apple’s entry into the space. We see it is as further validation of the shift to working out from home,” Tonal founder Aly Orady told Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade. Tonal, a Peloton rival, is a connected strength training platform.

In typical Apple services form, it will make the pricing

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5 things I noticed during my 24 hours with the Apple Watch Series 6

5 things I noticed during my 24 hours with the Apple Watch Series 6
5 things I noticed during my 24 hours with the Apple Watch Series 6
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Given my very brief time with the Apple Watch Series 6, I’m a little hesitant to fully deliver a verdict on its myriad health-monitoring powers.

Sure, it comes with an SPO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen levels and an updated processor for faster performance. But specs on paper aren’t enough to determine whether it’s truly worth the purchase. 

Typically, when I get my hands on a smartwatch, I really put it through its paces. It stays glued to my wrist for at least a week while I track my movements throughout the day and Z’s throughout the night.

And, while first impressions are everything, it’s still too early to tell whether it’s worth dropping $399 on Apple’s new smartwatch. So, until my full review is ready,

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Apple envisioned its fitness service long before work-from-home, executives say

By Stephen Nellis

(Reuters) – Apple Inc’s new paid online fitness class service, designed to work with its Apple Watch, was a long-planned extension of the watch’s fitness features rather than a quick reaction to a pandemic that has closed many gyms, executives said in an interview.

The Fitness+ service is Apple’s first subscription geared to make money directly from the sensor-packed device it has been selling since 2014.

The service, which Apple said will be available by the end of the year, has new workouts each week filmed by a team of trainers in a purpose-built studio in Los Angles and focuses on exercises that require little or no gym equipment, using Apple Watch sensors to track progress.

Many analysts viewed the service, which was announced on Tuesday, as well timed for a work-from-home world. But Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said in an interview on Wednesday that

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Apple and Big Tech’s product launches are now just sideshows, while the real news happens on the world stage

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This week: For Tim Cook and Apple, it’s Lights, Cameras … Sideshow!

Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Headquarters <p class="copyright">Apple/Business Insider screen capture</p>
Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Headquarters

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest iPad you may have enjoyed Apple’s “Special Event” on Tuesday. But to me, Apple’s big event was mainly a sign of how the scripted product launches that Big Tech relies upon to control the news cycle are increasingly impotent.

It’s not all bad. As my colleague Avery Hartmans noted, the abbreviated, online-only product launch is preferable to the bloated in-person events of years past.

But I think there’s something else going on too:

Now that tech is at the center of the biggest

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Apple is Launching Fitness+ Which Will Fully Change the Way We Work Out

Since Apple Watch first broke into the wearables market in 2015, it has been continuously redefining what a watch can do beyond tell time: Sleep track? Check. Monitor heart rate? Check. Become your exercise companion? Check. And in the most defining step since putting a ring on it with Activity, the smartwatch company announced at today’s online streaming event that by year’s end, Apple Fitness+ will definitively change the way Apple users work out forever. Suffice it to say that the $2.9 billion on-demand fitness industry has a new one to, ahem, watch.

In tandem with the announcement of Apple Watch Series 6 (from $399) and Apple Watch SE ($279)—both of which will launch on September 18, Fitness+ is meant to further integrate movement into your day in a more seamless way. The app will offer wrist-access to HIIT, yoga, running, cycling, and strength training content on Apple compatible

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Apple Watch will no longer come with a charging plug

The Apple Watch Series 6 contains a new health sensor which can measure blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds - Apple
The Apple Watch Series 6 contains a new health sensor which can measure blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds – Apple

Apple’s new Watch Series 6 will be its first to come without a power adaptor, raising the possibility that its iPhones may ditch them altogether.

At its Apple Watch launch event on Tuesday night, the iPhone maker said it would no longer include wall plugs that allow users to charge their smart watches in an effort to improve its environmental footprint.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of sustainability, said: “Sometimes it’s not what we make, but what we don’t make that counts.” Apple said removing the adaptors from its watches would be the equivalent of removing 50,000 cars from roads each year. The new watches will come with wire, but not the adaptor.

Technology companies have come under pressure over the proliferation of electronic waste, or e-waste, that gets sent

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Apple Fitness+ subscription service unveiled alongside Series 6 Watch

Apple has unveiled a new personalised workout subscription service alongside new smartwatches and tablet computers.

Fitness+ collects health data gathered by an Apple Watch and then displays it alongside workout videos shown on a larger display.

The platform will compete with existing fitness apps on iOS from Peloton, Les Mills and Fiit.

It also poses a challenge to Fitbit, whose wearables benefit from their own health-coaching subscription service.

As many had forecast, Apple decided to hold back details of its next iPhones for a separate event.

Yoga and dance

Like some of its rivals, Fitness+ also allows competitive users to see how their own efforts compare with others who have completed the same fitness routine previously.

“Health-tracking continues to be a major focus for Apple, and its new Fitness+ service signals its intent to generate more revenue from its products in this area,” commented Leo Gebbie from the consultancy CCS

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iPhone giant unveils new iPad, Apple One subscription bundle and Apple Watch 6 with blood oxygen monitor

Apple has unveiled an all-in-one monthly subscription in an attempt to put the tech giant squarely at the centre of people’s digital lives.

The “Apple One” subscription will charge up to £30 a month for a bundle of services such as Apple Music, iCloud and a newly-announced fitness programme, and is designed to boost revenues from outside its iPhone division.

It came as the company unveiled an Apple Watch with a blood oxygen sensor, saying it would work with researchers to investigate whether the wearable device could detect early signs of Covid-19. 

Apple also unveiled several new versions of its iPad, sales of which have boomed as families have been stuck at home during the pandemic.

The string of announcements came during a virtual version of Apple’s September event, an annual affair in which the company typically unveils new iPhones.

The company has had to delay the release of its

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