Join Us

Do you own a firearm or have a business that involves firearms? Join our organization now to get the full benefits of a membership.

How To Join?

Step 1: Schedule for the application

Although you may apply for the membership anytime you want, the approval of applications are only done a few times a year. We advise that you monitor for the council meeting date and apply a few weeks beforehand.

Step 2: Select the membership type you want

There are four kinds of membership packages that you can choose. You may become a permanent member, a member under probation, a partner member, and an overseas member.

Step 3: Provide all necessary documents and send to the committee

Once you have all the necessary requirements for the application, send them over to the BFTA office and await the approval of the BFTA decision committee.

What Are the Membership Packages Available?

There are 4 types you can choose from:

Permanent Membership

This is the full package that includes all the benefits of being a member. Permanent members are also allowed to attend the general meetings and contribute to the decision making of the committee.

Member Under Probation

A member under probation enjoys all the benefits of a permanent member but cannot use the logo. They may also attend meetings just like a permanent member but cannot contribute to the discussion.

Partner Memberships

A partner member becomes an affiliate of the organization. They may use the services we offer for commercial purposes but cannot vote or contribute during meetings. They may present proposals to the committee though.

Overseas Membership

The overseas members are entitled to some benefits of the organization such as receiving emails, newsletters, updates, and everything else through email. They may not vote or contribute any ideas during meetings and cannot be elected as council members.