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EU regulators seek feedback on Google’s Fitbit data pledge

By Foo Yun Chee

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU antitrust enforcers are asking interested parties whether Google’s pledge not to use fitness tracker maker Fitbit’s health data for its advertising, and to separate the dataset from its own, might ease concerns over their tie up.

Alphabet’s Google made the pledge to the European Commission late on Monday to try address concerns that its $2.1 billion takeover of Fitbit might boost its clout in online advertising and search.

The EU executive is now seeking feedback from rival makers of wearable devices, app developers and other online service providers as well as healthcare providers before deciding whether to accept the offer, demand more or open a full-scale investigation.

While the feedback is important, sources had already told Reuters the data pledge could assuage EU competition worries and help the deal secure approval.

To ring-fence Fitbit’s health data, Google has proposed to set up

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Doctors Have Another Enemy To Fight Besides COVID-19 Itself. This Might Help Them.

"About 80% percent of my patients scheduled appointments just for information on COVID-19." (Photo: Rostislav_Sedlacek via Getty Images)
“About 80% percent of my patients scheduled appointments just for information on COVID-19.” (Photo: Rostislav_Sedlacek via Getty Images)

Within a week of the first COVID-19 case in Michigan, my practice had fully transitioned to telehealth. I went from putting my hands on patients to seeing them from my kitchen on my iPad.

The first few days were busy with patients who had flu-like symptoms and those facing grave anxiety. By the third day, I felt the need for a new medical diagnostic code: Misinformation. (Diagnostic codes are a combination of letters or numbers used to identify disease and reasons for patient encounters, for the purpose of medical charting, billing and research.)

Many false claims are circulating about the virus, which leads to harmful consequences to patients. Patients are panicked and confused, and in some cases this is leading them to do things like ingesting harsh chemicals or overdosing on herbal

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Understanding the Fan-led Britney Spears Movement

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On April 22nd, around 50 Britney Spears fans wielding neon posters bearing the hashtag #FreeBritney gathered outside of West Hollywood City Hall. The collection gathered peacefully, wearing her merchandise, playing her hits and explaining to the news teams on site that they were collectively concerned, specifically about the state of her long-running conservatorship. Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, originators of the #FreeBritney movement, probably never had such a scene in mind when they launched their podcast Britney’s Gram in November 2017. 

Barker and Gray will gather with fellow #FreeBritney supporters again, this time on May 10th outside of Stanley Mosk courthouse in Los Angeles. That same day, a hearing will take place on the status of Spears’ conservatorship. The hearing had been moved up from August. Previous hearings concerning her conservatorship have not ended in Spears’ favor: In 2008, her court-appointed advocate

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86-year-old therapist shares 5 tips to help seniors endure pandemic loneliness

The risk for the severe form of COVID-19 increases with age, so like many older adults, Katharine Esty spent many weeks this spring without leaving her home at all.

Esty, who turns 86, this week, knows all too well the toll such self-isolation can take on mental health. She’s still a practicing psychotherapist who helps patients cope with life — though the sessions are now by phone as the coronavirus outbreak grips the country.

Katharine Esty, is a social psychologist, practicing psychotherapist and an activist for aging well.
Katharine Esty, is a social psychologist, practicing psychotherapist and an activist for aging well.

Esty has stayed “amazingly healthy,” she said, in part because her busy schedule and the company of her live-in partner Peter, whom she met after her husband of 59 years died, made the quarantine easier.

“But there are lots of people who are alone and it’s been really hard… it’s just devastating,” Esty, who lives in a retirement community in Concord, Massachusetts,

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Here’s where to buy one online

Where to buy face coverings online in the UK. (Getty Images)
Where to buy face coverings online in the UK. (Getty Images)
All the latest coronavirus news and updates. (Yahoo UK)
All the latest coronavirus news and updates. (Yahoo UK)

Yahoo Lifestyle is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. 

Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets will be mandatory from July 24 in England.

This news follows the government guidelines that were put in place in June, which made masks compulsory on public transport in the UK to help defend against the coronavirus.

Only children under the age of two and those with respiratory issues will be exempt from the rule.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, spoke about the new guidelines in Parliament on Tuesday, saying it would “give people more confidence to shop safely and enhance protections for those who work

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‘Time To Act’ Podcast: Inclusion During A Pandemic

Tom Troy, CEO and President of California State Automobile Association (Photo: )
Tom Troy, CEO and President of California State Automobile Association (Photo: )

Conversations around diversity and inclusion can be uncomfortable — particularly in the workplace. In this new podcast, host Y-Vonne Hutchinson — CEO and founder of ReadySet, a diversity and inclusion consulting and strategy firm — speaks with business leaders who are driving discussions within their organizations and taking bold action to advance and accelerate change.

Working with CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion — the largest coalition of CEOs who’ve pledged to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace — Hutchinson discusses topics such as allyship, intersectional divides and mental health inclusion with C-suite leaders who are showing their organizations and their industries that now is the time to act on diversity and inclusion. 

Transcript below:

Y-Vonne Hutchinson, Host: How important is it to have diversity and to be inclusive?

Businesses need to understand like, who their employee

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Inside Orange County’s bizarre school-reopening vote

The great American sickness that has made the coronavirus crisis here much worse than it should have been is the sickness of partisanship, which has infected everything from wearing masks to reopening schools.

Into this fray leapt the board of education of Orange County, which on Monday voted to advise schools to reopen without requiring that children wear masks or participate in social distancing. The board minimized the risk of the disease for children and dismissed fears that they could infect adults in their households.

Many of the specific recommendations embodied in a “white paper” the board approved Monday by a 4-1 vote contradict those of the California Department of Education, the Orange County Department of Education, and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all of which recommend instituting face coverings and social distancing wherever practical in the schools.

A true medical crisis has been hijacked by politicians

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UK launches first zero-waste online grocery shopping service

Loop is one of the most ambitious attempts yet to eliminate plastic waste from the household shop. Photo: Loop/PA
Loop is one of the most ambitious attempts yet to eliminate plastic waste from the household shop. Photo: Loop/PA

A zero-waste shopping service is launching to deliver groceries and household essentials in reusable packaging to homes across the UK.

Loop offers 150 products that usually come in single-use plastic packaging from 35 major brands, with more to be added in the future, that are delivered in fully reusable packaging which can be returned, cleaned and refilled through the scheme.

Customers ordering online from the Loop website are charged a deposit fee on each piece of refillable packaging which is fully refundable when the empty item is returned, and the products are then delivered by courier DPD in a reusable container.

Hailed as the “milkman reimagined,” customers can schedule a pick-up of their empty containers from the doorstep — which can be combined with the next delivery — to be cleaned

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Will UConn play football this year? Public health experts unsure about fall sports during coronavirus pandemic

Currently, UConn football players are on campus in Storrs. They have been tested for COVID-19. They have passed through a modified quarantine period during which they remained in small groups. They have completed strength and conditioning workouts. They have begun on-field activities.

But no one knows for sure whether they’ll actually get to play.

Amid a raging pandemic, public health experts both nationally and in Connecticut have raised eyebrows about the idea of college sports this fall. Some say the games will be safe as long as schools implement proper protocols. Others wonder whether sports, particularly on college campuses, are worth the risk.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and there is no way we can make the risk zero,” said Dr. Matthew Cartter, Connecticut’s state epidemiologist. “We have to ask ourselves as a society, are sports important that we’re willing to accept the risk that people involved in

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13 Reasons To Exercise That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

(Photo: Getty Images/HuffPost)
(Photo: Getty Images/HuffPost)

Many people who loathe exercise arguably feel that way because of how the activity has been marketed to them. For too long, exercise and weight loss have been indivisibly bound, leading many to fall into the comparison trap, experience shame or engage in negative self-talk.

But moving your body grants so much more than a fit figure or relief from the guilt of indulging in a “cheat meal.” Movement is self-improvement beyond the physical form. 

None of this is to say I don’t fall victim to feeling absolute dread before a workout. Sometimes the process of lacing up my sneakers and clipping on my nerdy little running belt is beyond torturous, the beasts in my head questioning why I bother.

Sometimes my demons do get the best of me. But on the days I do choose exercise, I just about always feel better than when I started.

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