About Us

Who We Are

The Brooklyn Firearms Trade Association (BFTA) is the official trade association for firearms in the state of Brooklyn. Founded in the year 2000, the association made it its mission to help preserve the sporting and hunting industry and work hand in hand with the local authorities to implement the gun trade policies.

What We Do For Our Members

Provide Gun Trade Insurance

We coordinate with insurance brokers to provide our members with gun insurance policies that fit their needs and wants. This ensures that all our members are protected by a blanket of insurance for their firearms.

List Down Lost or Stolen Guns

The BFTA also aids in listing all firearms that are stolen or lost. The BFTA receives the list from the local  governing body and publishes the details. If you have a lost firearm, you may contact the BFTA through our hotline or email.

Handle Firearms Delivery

The BFTA is partners with shipment companies that allow the delivery of firearms. We ensure that all firearms are delivered to their respectful owners safely and intact.

Coordinate with the Firearms Licensing Department

For easy acquisition of a firearms license, we help our members get in contact with the local firearms licensing department. We also provide other services and aid with regard to gun licensing and government documentation.

Why Join the BFTA?

  • You’ll get to have a contact list from the Firearms Licensing Department
  • You’ll get access to newsletters and articles from our organization.
  • You’ll have a one stop place to get firearms trade advice and other lessons.
  • You’ll be updated on the latest firearms trade news.
  • You’ll get to meet other members who are firearms enthusiasts.

If you own a gun or enjoy going on hunting trips, become a member of the BFTA to get the full experience of owning your firearms.