Day: July 1, 2020

American Airlines flights are about to get busier, but will they be safe?

Boarding a flight at Miami International Airport was a breeze March through June, with waiting times at security checkpoints as low as two minutes, mostly empty hallways and half a dozen rows of free seating at many terminals.

But that’s about to change, as American Airlines — the airport’s largest carrier — pushes to satisfy flight demand and fill up the airport.

American Airlines is set to increase its flight schedule by 10 percent in July by reversing its previous policy of keeping half of all economy middle seats empty for social distancing purposes.

Juan Carlos Liscano, the vice president of American Airlines’ hub operations in Miami, said the airline is confident that safety measures such as pre-flight COVID questionnaires, contactless check-ins, mandatory face masks, and deep cleans and hospital-standard ventilation in aircraft cabins could make up for the increased capacity on planes.

“One of the things that allows us

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10 Must-Follow Strategies for Preventing Injuries While Working Out at Home

Nobody’s saying exercise isn’t good for you—it is. But exercise doesn’t come without risks, namely injuries. While you can get hurt anywhere, even at the gym, injuries at home from at-home workout videos, makeshift cardio sessions, and other gym-free exercises have been trending during the recent stay-at-home orders and gym closures. Case in point: Google searches in May for knee pain were up 471 percent and sprained ankles up 267 percent, according to a study on Brits by fit4thefight.

Don’t blame the exercise: Blame two common mistakes people often make while exercising at home. “These injuries were probably caused by people who weren’t previously exercising and people not exercising at the appropriate intensity, duration, or frequency,” says Mecayla Froerer, director of iFit training and a NASM-certified personal trainer in Logan, Ut., adding that injury doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re new to exercise or have been exercising for years, injury is always

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Houston ICUs Surpass 100% Capacity As Texas Medical Center Makes Beds Available

Intensive care units in one of the world’s largest medical centers are operating at 102% capacity as coronavirus cases surge in Texas, according to a report Wednesday from Texas Medical Center in Houston.

An estimated 36% of the center’s 1,330 ICU beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients. The sprawling medical campus reported that there were 480 current patients with the virus in total.

As the medical center reached capacity, it enacted Phase 2 of a plan to address the surge by making 373 more beds available by reallocating hospital staff and equipment to ICUs in order to take in more patients, the Houston Chronicle reported.

This is the first time that the Houston medical center’s intensive care units have surpassed their capacity since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. The Texas Medical Center campus contains most of Houston’s hospitals, including Baylor College of Medicine, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Hermann

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Saving the lost boys of lockdown

Boys have swapped the physical exertion and stress relief of team sport for months of hunching alone in their bedrooms, gaming - The Telegraph
Boys have swapped the physical exertion and stress relief of team sport for months of hunching alone in their bedrooms, gaming – The Telegraph
Coronavirus Charity Appeal - compact puff to donate page - article embed
Coronavirus Charity Appeal – compact puff to donate page – article embed

The eleven-year old son of a friend is back at school. Even as a key worker, his mother felt guilty requesting him a place, as her husband is currently at home. But as lockdown went on her boy seemed increasingly “lost”. Her daughters, 13, and 15, were flourishing in lockdown – 8am runs, cycle rides, baking, relishing some respite from the social grind – but George, who loves football and cricket and chess, missed seeing his friends. He was lonely, bored, and bereft.    

With three teenage sons aged 13, 15 and 18, it’s no surprise to me that, anecdotally at least, boys have fared worse in lockdown than girls; suspicions that seem set to

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American, United Airlines to Lift Limits on Seating Capacity as Southwest and Delta Extend Policy

American Airlines and United Airlines plan to lift limitations on seating capacity on their flights this month, according to new reports.

A representative for American confirms with PEOPLE that the airline plans to allow full capacity on its flight starting July 1, after having it capped at 85 percent since April.

“We are unwavering in our commitment to the safety and well-being of our customers and team members,” the spokesperson says. “We have multiple layers of protection in place for those who fly with us, including required face coverings, enhanced cleaning procedures, and a pre-flight COVID-19 symptom checklist — and we’re providing additional flexibility for customers to change their travel plans, as well. We know our customers are placing their trust in us to make every aspect of their journey safe, and we are committed to doing just that.”

The carrier will also continue to notify customers and allow them

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Daily Harvest’s New Flatbreads And Ice Creams Make Summer At Home Easier

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HuffPost Finds shopping expert Danielle Gonzalez reviewed <a href=";xs=1&amp;" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Daily Harvest" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">Daily Harvest</a>&rsquo;s new flatbreads and vegan ice creams. There is a lot that's new with Daily Harvest, including bigger portions, new containers and quarantine-approved recipes. (Photo: Wesley Gonzalez for HuffPost)
HuffPost Finds shopping expert Danielle Gonzalez reviewed Daily Harvest’s new flatbreads and vegan ice creams. There is a lot that’s new with Daily Harvest, including bigger portions, new containers and quarantine-approved recipes. (Photo: Wesley Gonzalez for HuffPost)

Summer is usually all about relaxation, but this summer has been anything but usual. You’ve probably been busy acquiring new sautéing, soufflé-ing and sourdough-baking skills after spending the past few months at home more than anywhere else. 

After a stressful few months of mostly staying at home, you’re likely pretty tired of your own cooking and craving a change — possibly even a healthier one, if your isolation eating habits have been out of the norm.

If the unrelenting monotony of quarantine cleanup has you dreaming of healthy prepared meals and fantasizing about dishes

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Couple Married for 53 Years Hold Hands as They Die of Coronavirus on the Same Day

A couple who were married for more than half a century reportedly succumbed to coronavirus complications on the same day in Texas.

According to CNN, Betty and Curtis Tarpley, 80 and 79, died within an hour of each other on June 18 and held hands during their final minutes together.

The couple’s son, Tim Tarpley, told the network that Betty showed symptoms of the deadly disease just before she was taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth on June 9. Curtis was admitted to the same hospital just two days later.

Tarpley said Betty phoned both him and his sister, telling them she was at peace with dying as her condition continued to decline.

“I just screamed, ‘No!’ I was like, ‘I’ve got too much, too many other things to do in this life that I want to show you, and I’m not ready,'” he recalled to CNN.

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Dirty Leeds? Fighting for the shirt is what the club is all about, says owner

Andrea Radrizzani says his club thrives off the “dirty Leeds” tag.

The Championship side are on the verge of returning to the Premier League for the first time since 2004.

The club enjoyed great success under Don Revie in the 1960s and 1970s but were criticised by some for their physical approach, with their future manager Brian Clough describing them at the time as “the dirtiest, most cynical team in the league”.

The tag has stuck, but now Italian owner Radrizzani says it is one the club tries to use in a positive way.

“For Leeds, we have a history of being ‘Dirty Leeds’ and we actually channel that,” he told FIFA’s Professional Football Journal.

“We want to play great football and we are doing that but we also need to fight every time we go onto the pitch.

“All of our boys are willing to fight for the shirt

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Tools to help you get those home workouts in gear

Just because you don’t have or want to share access to your usual equipment right now, doesn’t mean you have to skip your routine. It just means it’s time to consider a new one. With props like resistance bands and loops, ankle and hand weights, yoga balls, mats, sliders and more, you can create your own gym in the comfort of your own home. Check out these space-saving props and all the fitness moves you can do with them.

INDULGE Fitness Editor Ginger Harris.
INDULGE Fitness Editor Ginger Harris.

Mat About You

It’s probably the most important prop you’ll need for your home gym. The one that will happily let you walk all over it. It’s your mat. While most mats are long and thin, often you’ll find yourself spending more time on the floor than the mat, should you move in any direction that isn’t horizontal. Enter Babe + Co’s uniquely shaped mat, which

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The Best Places to Buy Non-Frumpy Maternity Clothes

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Gone are the days when the only clothing options for pregnant women were enormous tent dresses, shapeless tunics and leggings. Maternity wear has come a long way since then – and there’s no reason why you can’t look just as stylish as you do when you’re not with bump.

Whether your personal style vibe is laid back or glam, romantic or sexy, edgy or chic – or a mixture of any or all of the above – these retailers are guaranteed to offer up something you’ll be excited to wear during pregnancy. From a great pair of skinny maternity jeans to a bathing suit that won’t make you feel like a beached whale this summer, you’re guaranteed to find a few maternity wardrobe staples.

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Old Navy

An old favorite, you can’t go wrong with Old Navy for maternity fashion basics,

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