Local Gun Safe Distributor as Sponsor

Recently this year, the Brooklyn Firearms Trade Association (BFTA) just partnered up with local gun safe seller, Brooklyn Gun Safe. Brooklyn Gun Safe announced that it will become an official sponsor of the BTFA). Being in the same industry, Brooklyn Gun Safe at a low cost and believes that being a partner of the BFTA allows them to work together for the same vision of promoting and preserving the sport of hunting and the use of firearms under the law.

The BFTA has stated that by receiving sponsorship from Brooklyn Gun Safe, the two plan on brainstorming together in coming up with more opportunities for gun owners and enthusiasts. The BFTA believes that the partnership will be fruitful for both parties as both intend to help the other further promote their respective organizations. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Although most of the discussions between the two parties have been kept under wraps, below are some of the plans stemmed from the partnership:

  • The BFTA will help promote the brand of Brooklyn Gun Safe by marketing their products to BFTA members.
  • Brooklyn Gun Safe will be sponsoring some of the events held by the BFTA.
  • Brooklyn Gun Safe will help promote the BFTA to customers of their
  • The BFTA will promote safety of gun storage while simultaneously promoting the quality products of Brooklyn Gun Safe.

While the BFTA has been long-time advocates of safe gun storage, a lot of the members cannot afford proper gun storage facilities like steel gun cabinets, gun safes, and other gun storage equipment for homes. In fact, most members were found to have stored their guns either in a drawer ior in their closets which deemed as a hazard to security in the event someone else gets access to the firearm.

Through this partnership, the BFTA states that they will have a chance to further educate the members about the importance of proper gun storage in order to have a safer home. They will also expose the members to gun storage facilities that are not too expensive which are sold by Brooklyn Gun Safe. This move is done to encourage the members to buy the proper gun storage facilities without having to worry too much about their budget.

Sometime this year, the BFTA plans on holding an event to promote proper gun safety with Brooklyn Gun Safe as its main sponsor.

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