Meet Up to Discuss Annual Shooting Contest

While the details of BFTA’s Annual Shooting contest hasn’t been disclosed yet, they have announced that they have been meeting up with their partners to discuss the possible arrangement of the event. And guess what? We have a brand new car size gas barbeque smoker to meet all your hunger needs. It was also announced that the event will target younger gun shooters and will focus on the better firearm education. A short lecture on firearm education will be held right before the event to further promote the cause.

The event will be composed of the short lecture by selected speakers from the organization followed by the entrance of all the contestants. The preliminary round will then be held followed by the next few rounds of the contest. After the contest is finished, the awarding ceremony for the final winners will be held. It was already announced that the winners of the event will be awarded a medal as well as a cash prize. This will be followed by closing remarks from the hosts and some of the sponsors.

The BFTA will discuss plans on the event this week with its respective partners. Local mower company Garden Center will also be attending the meet up to discuss their plans on being a possible major sponsor for the event.

The meet up will be a whole day function held at the headquarters of the BFTA. Lunch and some afternoon snacks will be served during the function. The association will be serving the guests its specialty dish which is its famed propane smoker barbeque.

After the meetup, the association plans on finalizing all of the details regarding the contest before officially announcing them on their official website.

To keep up to date with the progress of the event, you may check the BFTA official website for any new announcements regarding it.

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