Local Lawn Mower Company Opts to Become Official Sponsor

Local lawn mower distributor was offered to be an official partner of the Brooklyn Firearms Trade Association (BFTA) just last month. The ride on lawn mower company agreed to sponsor several events held by the BFTA in the next few months.

Garden Center is a local mower distribution company that specializes in selling different kinds of lawn mowers to homeowners. Although the company has only been around for a few years, it has already made a name for itself as a quality mower provider that offers products at lower costs as compared to their competitors. Garden Center boasts of their machines being made of locally sourced materials which is why they are able to sell them at very affordable prices.

For many years, the company’s founder has always been an advocate of shooting programs and proper firearm education for young men and women. According to the founder, he believes that the effort of the BFTA to further educate its members of properly and safely handling firearms under the context of the law is very admirable. With that, the founder decided to also help the BFTA by becoming an official partner to the association. Some of their discussions can be found below:

  • Garden Center will sponsor several events held by the BFTA.
  • The BFTA will promote their brand as an official partner.

These are the main agreements made by both parties. Any other agreements and discussions made by the parties have not been disclosed by either party yet.

In fact, Garden Center plans to become one of the major sponsors for the next Shooting Contest held by the BFTA. The Shooting Contest will be aimed at the younger members who are experienced shooters and want to test their skills against other experienced players. The contest is open to both men and women who have several years of experience in shooting.

In its effort to promote proper firearm education, the BFTA will also be holding a short lecture regarding gun handling and overall gun safety right before the contest. While the full details of the contest haven’t been posted yet, it was already revealed that the winners will be receiving a cash prize from the BFTA.

Aside from being an official sponsor, Garden Center plans on also being a part of the action with the founder as one of the speakers during the event. As of date, nothing has been confirmed yet.

No details on the official date has been posted yet. You may check the official BFTA website for updates.

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