Local Gun Safe Distributor as Sponsor

Recently this year, the Brooklyn Firearms Trade Association (BFTA) just partnered up with local gun safe seller, Brooklyn Gun Safe. Brooklyn Gun Safe announced that it will become an official sponsor of the BTFA). Being in the same industry, Brooklyn Gun Safe at a low cost and believes that being a partner of the BFTA allows them to work together for the same vision of promoting and preserving the sport of hunting and the use of firearms under the law….


Meet Up to Discuss Annual Shooting Contest

While the details of BFTA’s Annual Shooting contest hasn’t been disclosed yet, they have announced that they have been meeting up with their partners to discuss the possible arrangement of the event. And guess what? We have a brand new car size gas barbeque smoker to meet all your hunger needs. It was also announced that the event will target younger gun shooters and will focus on the better firearm education. A short lecture on firearm educat…


Local Lawn Mower Company Opts to Become Official Sponsor

Local lawn mower distributor was offered to be an official partner of the Brooklyn Firearms Trade Association (BFTA) just last month. The ride on lawn mower company agreed to sponsor several events held by the BFTA in the next few months.
Garden Center is a local mower distribution company that specializes in selling different kinds of lawn mowers to homeowners. Although the company has only been around for a few years, it has already made a …